Here is a VPE campus map with event staging for your reference.

Hello Super Camp Bobcat Campers!

We are so glad you have signed up for this year's campout!

Here are some important details that will be helpful to know before the event. 


Check-in time starts at 4:30 PM and we'll have the table staffed up until 7:30 PM.  You should plan to arrive before 6:30, if at all possible, so you have time to take the free photo and be a part of the activities and entertainment.  Please note you will be asked to wear a special event wristband that you will receive at the check-in table. There are two check-in tables - one at the Center St. parking lot entrance to the school and one at the Lincoln Ave. parking lot entrance at the back of the school. Please sign in with your first name, or through the name you used to pay via PayPal if that is different. 


Please note, each child must be accompanied by an adult at Camp Bobcat.  You can have another adult friend in charge of your child, but please do not drop your child off for the evening without parent supervision.


You will have to walk your camp gear from the parking lot or street to your camping location. You may bring a cart or wagon to help carry your items. The school will only allow vehicles that have necessary Camp Bobcat duties to be driven on the OUSD grounds. As always, please remember to be considerate of our neighbors while parking.


VPE is one of just a handful of OUSD schools allowed to have campouts. It is a privilege we cherish. As such, it is parents responsibility to monitor your kids and keep them from unauthorized areas. The school interior area is not part of the campout and is off limits to all students, as are all classrooms. Please also note, the school grounds will also be locked approximately 20 minutes after the movie for safety/security reasons. Those needing to depart after the movie will need to do so at this time. Principal Arceo will also be camping with us and the Orange County Sheriff will have increased patrol around the school exterior.


Plan on setting up your tent anywhere on the grassy area except for the entertainment/VIP area marked off by caution tape which is reserved for the VIP winners. The grassy area behind the Kinder playground area is also a prohibited zone. Refer to the map below for more information on where to set up.


Note that all attendees are only permitted on the blacktop and grass area. Attendees are not to go into the school/classroom areas. Students who enter these areas and cause mischief may be kicked out of Camp Bobcat, and or have other disciplinary actions taken by the principal.


Camping gear, chairs for the movie, and sweats & flashlights for the evening. It can get chilly at night, so make sure to also bring a jacket, blanket, or both.


If you purchased dinner tickets, you will receive a ticket at the check-in table.  You may be able to purchase tickets if meals are available at the food area. We are serving Dad's Club cooked burgers and hot dogs hot off the grill, plus chips and water.  Ohhh so tasty!  We’ll also be selling soft drinks, candy, and ice cream, so bring extra money for those.

SUPER RAFFLE DRAWING   **Will once again be AMAZING - definitely bring some extra money **

The VPE community really stepped up with tremendous prize donations!  We have a ton of raffle prizes valued at over $5000 including electronics, games, gift certificates, some super raffle prizes and a ton of toys and more!  Raffle tickets will be sold at the check-in tables for $1.00 each or 25 for $20.00.  The raffle drawing will be starting around 8:00 PM, so be sure to bring some extra cash and buy lots of raffle tickets!!!

FREE PHOTO - It's priceless!

Every camping family will get to have their picture taken with this year's Wild Wild West Backdrop: This is a priceless keepsake, so make sure to get your picture taken before 7:00 PM.  The actual photos will be distributed on Saturday morning, at the breakfast tables.


For those who have ordered t-shirts, we'll be handing them out adjacent to our dinner/kitchen area starting at 4:30 PM.  If you bought a shirt, we'll have your name on the list and give you your reserved t-shirt size(s).  There may be just a few extra shirts left, please check with us early for any spares that you would like to purchase.


We can always use help to orchestrate the event.  Just introduce yourself at the food tables and we will welcome you to the Dads Club, hand you a “Cooking Crew” apron, and put you to work for a short time.  Let’s work together to make it a great one!


The campout is your fun time with your kids, so feel free to participate or not in any of the evening activities. 

Here is our basic schedule, but since we will be on Dads’ Club time, please don't hold us too closely to the plan...

Times subject to change!

4:30 PM- 7:30 PM

Home Depot Activity Area

Take your Family Photo

Corn Hole Games

Fire Truck

 8:00 - 8:30 PM -The Camp Bobcat Super Raffle!  

Every year we load up with a ton of prizes and this we did our best ever!

We raffle off over 75 total prizes that are valued over $5,000.

Make sure you purchase your raffle tickets ahead of time and good luck! 

 8:45 PM - Movie Night! 
 After a few Dads Club comments & thank yous, it's going to be fun family movie. 

So make sure to pack your lawn chairs and a blanket.

 10:30 PM - Quiet at Night Please!
We are asking that everyone be respectful of their camping neighbors and at 10:30 PM be quiet

for the rest of the evening.  In addition, please make sure that your kids know to stay

only on the grass playground during the evening after 10:30 too.

OBSERVE OUSD POLICIES -  No Glass Bottles, Alcohol or Tobacco!

Please note that you will be camping on school grounds and therefore subject to the Orange Unified School District policy of no glass bottles, no alcohol, and no tobacco products while on school grounds.  Anyone who does not abide by these rules will put future VPE campouts in jeopardy!


First thing in the morning, we'll have breakfast available for everyone.  In addition, we'll have coffee percolating early.  Breakfast usually gets going around 7:00 AM, so we can accommodate some early risers. 

* Don't forget to grab your photo in the morning after breakfast too!


We will reserve a few prizes and other small thank you gifts to raffle off for kids who assist in the morning clean-up.


We do not have a true set time when the campout ends, so if you want to sleep in and enjoy the morning, no problem.  We do aim to have everyone out by 10:00 AM.  Please pick-up all trash when you do break down your tent, so the campus is left clean for school Monday morning. ​​