Virtual Camp Bobcat is on Friday, June 5th at 5:30!. We have an exciting line up for the evening and need your help! 
** Remember this is a virtual event, with camping in your backyards or elsewhere **

Order your Camp Bobcat Kit and/or T-Shirts by Tuesday, June 2nd.

Details on the event:

  1. This is 100% free to attend this virtual event (optional purchases avail) 
  2. We will kick off at 5:30 and last approximately 75 min.
  3. All attendees will be in "webinar" mode whereas we can control muting, who can speak, etc
  4. T-Shirts/Camp Bobcat Kits will be available for pre-purchase and dropped off prior.(see below)
  5. Raffle tickets will be included ONLY with Camp Bobcat Kits purchased
  6. Raffle prizes are NEEDED- please email if you would like to donate.

Program Contents:

  1. Start/kick off
  2. Teachers Pet- can you guess which pet is tied to which teacher?
  3. Snore awards- we'll pick the top finalists and vote on winners!
  4. Camp Bobcat @home campsites
  5.  6th Grade Message
  6. Bobcat Roar
  7. Principal Message
  8. Wrap up
  9. VPE Song sing-along
  10. Prizes to be raffled off throughout the evening

In order to make this interactive and fun, we would love to have submissions from you all. In order to be included, we will need all submissions by TUESDAY, June 2nd

Your Help Needed:
1) Past Camp Bobcat Photos: Send them over if you've taken photos from years' past

  1. Photos can be dropped into this Google Drive folder (simply drag/drop from cpu) OR
  2. Email photos to

2) Snore Awards: We are doing snore awards! Here's your chance kids to video your dad snoring! If you can't video him, please give us your best impersonation of him snoring.   

  1. Videos should be 15-30 seconds long and can be uploaded to this Google Drive folder (simply drag/drop from cpu) OR
  2. Email videos to

3) "How do you Camp Bobcat" - we hope you will set up a campsite in your backyards and would love to see what you've done. 2-ways to participate 

  1. Email/Upload us a recorded video of your set up Google Drive folder; email videos to, 
  2. Volunteer to go "LIVE" during this segment-- please email us your name (zoom screen name as well) and you need to be ready to go live during the segment

4) Bobcat Roar- show us your best bobcat roar. Capture a short clip of you and your dad roaring like a bobcat.   

  1. Videos should be 5-10 seconds long and can be uploaded to this Google Drive folder (simply drag/drop from cpu) OR
  2. Email videos to

5) Camp Bobcat Kits/T-shirts-- All to be ordered online and distributed to your house.  Order Here

  1. Kits will be $15 and include (1) T-shirt, Keepsake photo frame magnet, popcorn, candy, etc and Raffle Tickets. 
  2. T-Shirts (additional) will be $10 each.
  3. Raffle tickets will NOT Be sold separately

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Urbanski at

Mike Urbanski
2020 Camp Bobcat Coordinator