The Villa Park Elementary Home and School League (VPE H&SL) is pleased to offer the following fun and educational after school enrichment (ASE) programs for 1​st​ through 6​th​ graders for the 2018 session.  Don’t delay…. sign up today!

For additional information about each course and registration, click on the class title.

​​General Information

Registration procedures, class dates, times, holidays, class locations and fees can be found on the flyers.  Additional Flyers are available in the school office.  
     - ASE classes meet on campus after school and are generally 1 hour in length.

     - Enrolled students will report to the ASE class/meeting area immediately after school, and ASE class instruction will begin at         2:25 pm, and at 12:35 on Wednesdays.

     - On campus daycare students must first check in with daycare before going to their ASE class.

Please register early as space is limited and some classes fill up quickly.  Registration is done on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment is subject to class availability.
     - Complete the registration portion of the program flyer.  NOTE: Some classes require online registration and payment
     - Return your payment along with the bottom portion of the flyer to the school office or to your child’s teacher by

        September 12th.

Confirmations / Cancellations / Refunds
     - You will receive an email confirming your child’s enrollment in the program upon receipt of your payment and program

        registration form.  Please include your email address when completing the program registration forms.
     - Classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum enrollment is not met.  In this event, all registration fees will be refunded.
     - Once an ASE class has begun, tuition is generally non­refundable.  If you register late, miss classes or withdraw before the

        end of the session, you are still obligated for the full fees for that session.

Student Conduct / Pick Up
     - Students are expected to be courteous and attentive to instructors and fellow students.
     - When the ASE class ends, students will be escorted to the front of the school for pick up or to on campus daycare if

        applicable.  ASE students must be picked up immediately.

Questions / Forms

     - If you have questions, please contact the VPE H&SL ASE Coordinator at ​ASE@vpe­​.

After School Enrichment - 2018

Mondays Beginning 

Golf Squad (1st – 6th grade)
Learn to play golf with a golf industry professional.   All class essentials are provided (Golf Squad Handbooks, training equipment, ALL golf clubs, etc.).  Each student receives Golf Squad Handbooks and Golf Squad visor to keep.  

Tuesdays Beginning 

Mad Science (1st – 6th grade) 
In this class, we’ll have fun with science, you will learn about science in a fun hands-on way.

Lego – Jedi Storytellers   (1st ­ 6th grade) 
Let the force be with you! Students will use LEGO®s to learn about the art & process of problem-solving in a hands-on, creative environment. Students will also learn about the different parts of a story, public speaking, writing & more!



Origami  (1st – 6th grade)

Children will learn the Japanese art of origami along with a different aspect of Japanese culture each week!  Modular & Action origami include jumping frogs, transforming ninja stars, magic circles, 3D swans, Pikachu, angry birds,
and much more!  Every student will take home what they make. 

The Magic Club (1st – 6th grade)
Students will learn 1-2 magic tricks each week & craft some of their own magic gear.  They will also develop motor skills, teamwork, & enhance performance.

Dance (1st­-6th grade) 
Student’s will learn age-appropriate basic hip-hop/jazz technique and choreography. On the last day of class, students will perform the routine they have 
learned for family and friends!

Thursdays Beginning 

Musical Theater Begins 

Coding for Kids – Computer Art (2nd-6th grade)
In this incredible course, you’ll learn how to use the fundamentals of computer science to build your very own apps, animations, and computer games. 

Chess (1st – 6th grade)
Chess increases IQ and teaches children to think deeply, problem solve, gain confidence, develop patience, and strategize and plan! This wonderful program is designed to fit the needs of all skill levels.  

Animal Art (1st – 6th grade)
In this class, we’ll create animal drawings with personality & appeal that any child would be proud to show off. Simplified anatomy & design techniques will be taught using a variety of artistic mediums

Musical Theater – TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON  (1st-6th grade)
Learn to act & sing while being a part of a musical theater cast.  Based on the original Broadway production and the Academy Award-winning Disney motion picture, this musical features some of the most popular songs ever composed.  This script and score 
provides performers lots of opportunities to shine while learning to sing and act on stage!