Restaurant Days

                            May 3rd - Panda Express 10a-10p


                                            more to come...

Fizzy Fridays

Starting October 14, Fizzy Friday will happen every 2nd week of the month until the holidays.

More to come after the New Year...


50% of 5th grade students' individual fundraising is designated toward their account.

This is the biggest fundraising opportunity for your student to subsidize their 6th grade activities!


Available on-campus in October.

Cookie Dough Sales

We will be selling cookie dough starting in November and set to arrive before the holiday break. This is another great opportunity to earn funds toward your student's individual account. More info to come in November. 

$5 Fridays

If interested, you can start adding funds to your student's account instead of doing a lump sum

at the end. You can fill out the form attached each Friday and drop off a monetary donation into

our 5th Grade folder located in the front office. The money will be added to your student's

account. The amount can be any amount you would like, but $5 is the lowest amount accepted. 

​​Throughout the 2022-2023 School Year the VPE Class of 2024 will be fundraising to help offset

the cost to attend 6th Grade Outdoor Education Camp and other promotion-related events.​​

Upcoming Fundraisers:

5th Grade Fundraising