8/30/19Fizzy Friday
9/10/19Miguel's JR Restaurant
9/16/19 - 9/30/19Mixed Bags (Individual Fundraiser)
9/20/19Fizzy Friday
9/26/19Pizza Press Teacher Night
10/3/19Panda Express
10/11/19Fall Family Night Food Sales
10/14/19Boo Grams
10/24/19Fizzy Friday
11/15/19Jog-A-Thon "Turkey Trot" (Individual Fundraiser)
12/4/19The Habit
12/13/19Skate Party
1/27/20Clothing Drive
1/31/20Fizzy Friday
2/5/20Blaze Pizza
2/10/20Community Discount Sales (Individual Fundraiser)
2/28/20Fizzy Friday

​​Throughout the 2019-2020 School Year the VPE Class of 2021 will be fundraising to help offset the cost to attend 6th Grade Outdoor Education.   


5th Grade Fundraising