Lip Sync is a long standing tradition at VPE.  This year we will have a Virtual Lip Sync.  Participation in the Virtual Lip Sync is voluntary and open to all VPE Students.   We are looking forward to seeing the creativity of the VPE Students and Families!!!

By submitting a Lip Sync video, you understand and agree to have the video included in the Virtual Lip Sync Performance and shared via a google drive link (or other sharing site) with all VPE families. 

By choosing to voluntarily participate in the Virtual Lip Sync, you agree to continue to observe social distancing rules and guidelines for the safety of VPE students and families.


           Monday, June 1 - Deadline to submit Lip Sync Video
           Wednesday, June 10 - Link for Virtual Lip Sync Performance will be emailed to VPE families



- Continue to observe social distancing rules and guidelines when practicing and/or recording your virtual lip sync video.

- Groups must have at least 1 VPE Student.  Groups can include family members or anyone with whom the student is regularly interacting

- Virtual student groups are allowed - for example, practice and perform with your group via zoom. 

- Each VPE Student may only participate in one Lip Sync Group



​     Music Selection

- The duration of the song must be 3 minutes or less.   We are recommending 2 minutes or less.

- Music must be appropriate for a school environment.  Lip Sync Videos with music determined to be inappropriate will be omitted.  The      following are inappropriate for a school environment:

      - Profanity

      - Reference to drugs or alcohol

      - Adult content and/or innuendos

- If you have questions about your music selection, contact Lip Sync Coordinator, Jacqueline Sobral at


The “Performance”​​

- Record your Lip Sync Video and submit along with the following items on or before 5pm on Monday, June 1, 2020:

     - Email the completed Sign-Up Sheet (included on Page 3) and Song Lyrics to 

     - Submit your video by sharing through google drive or emailing to 

     - Upon receipt of your Lip Sync Video, the music selection will be reviewed to confirm it is appropriate for a school environment. 

        If it is deemed inappropriate you will be notified and given an opportunity to edit and re-submit.

     - Upon receipt of your Lip Sync Video, your video will be reviewed to confirm social distancing guidelines were followed during the

        performance.  If it is deemed that social distancing rules and guidelines were not followed, your group's performance may be

        omitted from the performance.

- All videos will be compiled and a link will be provided on Wednesday, June 10 for viewing the Virtual Lip Sync Performance. 

I look forward to receiving all of the videos and know that it will be a fun experience for our kids and families.

If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Thank you,
Jacqueline Sobral
Cell: 714-928-5275

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2020 Virtual Lip Sync

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